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We increase brand authority, traffic, and revenue through consulting and business services that bring results, efficiency, and automation—our focus, solving eight of the ten most common challenges your business faces.


The only way to understand is to explore what is happening.


Once we uncover the challenges, we analyze for the best next step.


We provide a blueprint to conquer your challenges.

We are a conscious community of creatives

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Solutions that Make an Impact

RTB Consultants is a full-service consulting and digital agency specializing in solving the most common challenges small business owners face. You might be wondering, what are the 8 out of 10 we solve? We'll we're going to keep you hanging just a little longer because solutions are not always instant.

We are centrally located in the Greater Dallas area with our west coast office in Beverly Hills, CA and what's great is we are one of a suite of businesses under RTB Advisors that is geared to help companies make more money. At RTB Consultants, we have one purpose, to solve the problems small businesses face, and if you are ready, so are we. We are experts from strategy to implementation, yet clients enjoy our flexibility to meet their needs and not feel like they've entered a cookie cutter program.

Let's face it, all businesses have only a few seconds for someone to make a decision to stay or go, from websites to social, what impression is being left? How we appear online impacts how customers perceive our business, our brand, and our commitment. That's why our team enjoys transforming businesses from the inside out from "eh" to "wow".

So, how much longer will you wonder how your going to solve your problems or accomplish your goals?

YES! Gain back precious time with solutions that align and achieve your goals.

Services built for small businesses with different sizes and budgets.

What is it worth to achieve what you want?

Tap into Your Superpowers with the Right Tools

Grow without restriction. We give you access to our resources and services as you grow, so only pay for what is most beneficial now. When your ready, you can Raise the Bar to the next level.

Business Consulting

If you are looking to find the gaps in your business so you can enhance efficiency, results, and time, let's explore what's possible.

Marketing Consulting

Are you missing out on potential clients because you cannot be found through your current marketing efforts?

Alignment & Operations Consulting

Are you looking for more alignment, efficiency, and innovation, yet losing time and hope with a lack-luster process?

Website Design & Development

Websites are our current day store front. If it does not reflect who you are, what you do, or convert traffic, it's time to update.

SEO & Voice Search Optimization

Every word counts. One of the biggest opportunities you have is to drive traffic organically to your site by optimizing efficiently.

Content Creation & Content Clusters

What are your customers asking and how are you answering? Take the power of providing value by sharing content they want.

What is important for you when choosing a consultant or service provider?

How would you rank your desires when working with a consultant, coach, or agency? Below is an example, yet we look forward to hearing your preferences when working together.





Deliver Results




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Webinars to Explore New Realms of Possibilities

Learning is fuel and action is lighting that fuel on fire. We believe in providing as much information as possible, yet it is up to you to light the fire and access the tools and services to grow.

6 Steps to Take Back Your Time

This webinar is great for business owners or teams looking for a system to solve problems, implement strategies that work, & bring your team together for lasting results.

Opportunities for Your Business

This webinar is jam-packed with learning fuel for your business. If you are looking for ideas to grow your business, watch this one all the way to the end and contact our team for a strategy session.

Innovation Mining

This webinar is best for decision makers looking to innovate, worried about innovating, or wondering if your missing out on innovation; includes ideas for fostering an innovative culture.

What if you could increase your sales or your team sales by 10%, 20%, or more?

Sales training from hello to close. Online course with self-guided, small group, and team coaching and accountability available.

Access to Our Instant Fuel of Information

Explore powerful tools, strategies, and opportunities that can bring innovative ways to enhance and grow your business now and into the future.

How Changes in Voice Search Will Impact Your Business

Let's face it, new technology can be exhausting. Just a few years ago voice search radically changed how companies conduct business online.

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

The golden question everyone askes is, what is the best way to market my business? And, do I need to do all of them to grow my business?

How to Create a Content Cluster Strategy for a Growing Small Business?

If we are being honest, it seems every article explaining content cluster strategy says the same thing. Yet, what about businesses that have little to no traffic?

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