Our mission is to empower business owners and entrepreneurs' to turn problems into solutions to produce significant results.  

We are action-based and results-driven and push the envelope to Raise the Bar for ourselves and those we work with.  


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Amanda Bar is a Business & Tech Entrepreneur, Co-Founder/CEO of RTB Capital & Consulting Group, and Creator & Instructor of RTB Sales Ninja, and Marketing and Team Support for RTB Financial Group.

Have you ever said, "I will never...." and then end up doing it?
"I will never speak on stage, and I will never run my own business, I will never be a saleswoman/man..."  Little did I know I'd do all that and so much more!

As an entrepreneur, consultant, and trainer, I absolutely love everything about what I do and the transformation I get to bring to businesses and professionals we work with. Like many of you, I've conquered physical challenges, business & sales fears, transformed my mindset, and make myself take action daily, when it was easier to run or quit, while continually growing and learning each day.

I'm on a mission to help founders transform their business from the inside out and Raise the Bar!




Adam Bar is a Business & Tech Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Raise The Bar (RTB) Financial Group, Co-Founder of RTB Capital Group, and RTB Sales Ninja. As an Amazon Best-Selling author and an entrepreneur, he is committed to bringing value, opportunities, transparency, and innovation to individuals, families, and business owners.  Adam is a mentor, instructor, and coach that provides training, resources, and accountability to entrepreneurs and guiding professionals who are motivated to raise the bar for their business as they build long-lasting relationships with clients. 

Adam believes in creating a win-win, collaborative approach, adding value and bringing opportunities and creative solutions as they build, grow, and enjoy their personal, financial, and entrepreneurial journeys. For nearly two decades, Adam has been working with entrepreneurs to integrate high performing, mindset, approach, strategies, and technology into the process.  Adam's mission is to empower clients and collaborators to increase their professional skills, fulfillment, financial independence, and
quality of life now and in the future.