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RTB's team has experience training for over a decade and what sets us apart is that we are not training from a theory like other companies.  We apply all the knowledge taught to you in our business every day.  


Learn from our experts in the industry and see how your team can Raise the Bar. 


If you are a solopreneur, new startup team, or run a small business, one of the easiest places to overlook is training in sales. 


Most entrepreneurs never took sales training, and most don't even like to think they are in sales, yet with our three-week course, you and your team will transform your hellos to closes and see the power in a smooth sales strategy and process with top-notch language and objection

handling skills. 


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Are you struggling with fears, doubt, or lack of confidence in yourself, your skills, your business?  Are you holding yourself back, saying you'll get everything you desire done but it always is put off until tomorrow?  If you have thought, what is wrong, am I the only one that seems to just be spinning my wheels with no results?  You are not alone and this 100 Day Program was built for you from personal experience.  Let's shift you and your business forward this year.  It's Your Time.

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Are you looking for a business coach or guide that can work with you wherever you are, provide the action and measurable results to see your business move forward, and accountability to keep you on the move?  Business Coaching with RTB  is focused on your goals, your results, and your growth and progress.  We will put you in the hot seat, you'll grow through your business in ways you never thought possible.  Our coaching sessions are focused and flexible to fit your situation.

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